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Meet The Team

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Patrick Tate - Owner/Head of Beverages

Self Proclaimed "Beverage Beast" who created 107 drinks with his team and created the TexaKona FM Concept.

  • Favorite Drink: #84 - Ring of Fire

  • Signature Drink: Paint it Black - Order #40 but swap the vanilla for caramel!


Elaine Krazer - Owner

Founder of TexaKona Coffee Roasters and the TexaKona Coffee Museum. She designed the look and design of FM.

  • Favorite Drink: #29 - Talk Dirty Chai to me

  • Signature Drink: Dreams - Order #13 (Quartet) and add caramel


David Krazer - Owner/Roaster Dave

 TexaKona's head roaster & manufacturing specialist. He enjoys working on old cars and telling stories to customers.

  • Favorite Drink: #5 - Forte (Americano)

  • Signature Drink: Saturday in the Park - Order #63 (Blurred Limes) and add raspberry


Dennis Hale - Owner

Choctaw American and Desert Storm Veteran. He is a Creative Design Specialist and Special Projects Manager,  Many of the unique hand made creations on display in the Museum and in FM 107 were made by him. If Elaine or Patrick dreams it up, Dennis builds it.  He is a chocoholic who also loves coffee, and he views the combination of the two as purely created in heaven.

  • Favorite Drink: #46 - Grunge

  • Signature Drink: Old Black Water - Order #40 and add Chocolate and Marshmallow

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